Zero-Plastic Clean Bundle

We are committed to finding ways to remove plastic from our lives and yours!

In searching for ways to give back to our community and bring you value, we decided to partner with innovative young Canadian companies: We Are Planet Hope and Tru Earth, 2 eco-conscious and eco-friendly companies who like us are trying to help Canadians reduce their plastic consumption. Become a plastic-reduction warrior with us!

Save Big and Help A Lot!

We are excited to announce that our CampT and Brouillet Academy families will benefit from a $10 rebate on their Zero-Plastic Clean Bundle (more than 30% savings)! Enter “ACADEMY” in the shopping cart to get your discount.

This offer is valid from November 24th to December 31st.

That’s not ALL!

In addition the Brouillet Academy, in partnership with Camp Tournesol, will donate 1 bundle for each bundle purchased by our families (up to 100 bundles) to families in need through the Food Bank network (The Compass).


What is a Zero-Plastic Clean Bundle you ask??

A Hope Podz Trio + True Earth Laundry Eco-Strips (32 loads).

HopePodz™ TrioPac includes: 1 Glass + 1 Multi-Surface + 1 Bathroom refills.

Planet Hope has developed amazing tiny pods that dissolve in water to become powerful cleaning products. You no longer need to pay for the water in your cleaning products or the plastic bottles! Re-use your existing bottles by inserting the pods and filling them up with water at home!
Another innovative Canadian company is True Earth from Vancouver. They have created laundry strips that allow you to eliminate completely carrying home those big jugs of laundry detergent. Again, you are no longer paying for water!

Additional impact include the reduction of CO2 production by eliminating the need to transport those large heavy spray bottles and jugs to the store for distribution.

These also make excellent gifts for your extended family!

Let’s help reduce our plastic consumption this holiday season and support families in need.


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