Top 7 Gifts For French Immersion Teachers

Top 7 gifts for FI teachers

The holiday season is upon us, and for those with children in French Immersion, we’ve put together a great list of teacher gifts to help you navigate this unique gift-giving season. But while we’re giving gifts this year, we believe we should not only buy products that our loved ones want and enjoy, but that are also supporting natural, eco-conscious, grassroots companies. Below, we’ve put together a list of the seven best eco-friendly and Canadian-produced products that we think would make the best gifts for your children’s French Immersion teachers this season.

1. Zero-Plastic Clean Bundle by Planet Hope

At Brouillet Academy, we love any products that can help reduce waste in the world and help make this planet a cleaner one.. and when they’re made by a Canadian company, there’s no keeping us from them! We’ve partnered with two wonderful Canadian companies to give YOU a discount on the Zero-Plastic Clean Bundle of Canadian-produced, eco-friendly products that your kid’s French Immersion teacher is sure to love. Included in the bundle is one Hope Podz trio from Planet Hope that includes one glass, one multi-surface, and one bathroom cleaning pod. Simply find an empty plastic water bottle, pop a pod in, and fill it with water to make your cleaning routine more eco-friendly!

Also included in the bundle is one pack of Laundry Eco-Strips from Vancouver-based company Tru Earth. These strips come in zero-waste compostable packaging, they eliminate any messes and measuring of detergent, dissolve completely in hot or cold water, and helps to keep 700 million plastic jugs out of landfills every year. Pop the strip in with your load, your laundry is good to go, and you did the Earth a favour in the process! A pair of convenient pair of Canadian eco-friendly products on a bargain, what’s not to like? In addition, for each bundle purchased, Brouillet Academy will donate a bundle to a family in need. It is a WIN-WIN!

2. Chaga Coconut Chai Tea (Martine’s Favourite!) by Lake & Oak

Next up we’ve got a wonderfully rich Chaga Coconut Chai Tea from Toronto-based wellness brand Lake & Oak Tea Co. that Brouillet Academy’s founder Martine simply can’t get enough of, so we thought you could share the good vibes and homey tastes with your kid’s French Immersion teacher as a lovely holiday gift! This particular tea blend features earthy Chaga mushrooms to go with tulsi and ginger for a drink that’s equal parts spicy and sweet. Rooibos also allows for some caffeine-free drink that’s great for mellowing out any time you feel like it. This super tea will help you reduce and manage your stress, reduce physical, mental, emotional fatigue, while also elevating energy levels and improving your mood.

3. Handmade Pottery Cup & Saucer by Love Your Mother Boutique

This beautiful handmade pottery cup and saucer combination is not only a lovely piece, but it also comes to you courtesy of the Love Your Mother Boutiquea female-powered, Canadian company that makes their products with all biodegradable materials. Their products are all handmade by company founder Sarah’s grandmother and glazed by her mother in Ontario. Whether you’re potting plates, storing jewelry, or enjoying a nice spot of tea, this is cup and saucer combo are a great gift. A unique, rustic piece that can be used in a number of different settings and in a variety of ways could be the perfect gift for your chil’s French Immersion teacher.

4. Bath Bomb by Bleu Lavande

Another fun gift that you could use to brighten your child’s French immersion teacher’s holidays is a treat for those that love a nice, long, luxurious bath. Made with 100% natural ingredients, bath bombs by Bleu Lavande, a Quebec-based essential oil company, is a great gift for anyone who loves a pleasant bath. You can go for either the balancing mix of lavender and eucalyptus, the soothing scents of lavender, and the more invigorating smell of a lavender and orange mix. These products are all paraben-free, PEG-free, sulfate free, DEA free, artificial fragrance-free, and, most importantly, are not tested on animals.

5. Pure Castille Body & Face Soaps by Savons des Cantons

We’re also big fans of plant-based soap and these pure body and face soaps from Quebec-based company Savons des Cantons. All of their castille soaps contain a minimum of 70 percent pure olive oil and the other 30 percent is generally coconut or palm oil among other natural ingredients. To avoid contributing to the natural issues that are caused by the overproduction of palm oil, they use zero palm oil in their soaps. The concentration of olive oil in these soaps also makes them very beneficial for your skins both in terms of nourishing and hydrating. To be used on the face or the body, these 100 percent vegan and plant-based soaps are a great gift your child’s French immersion teacher!

6. Shampoo Bars by BKIND

Going natural is the smart way to go when it comes to washing your body, face, and hair. If you a have a gift give in your life that loves natural hair products, Quebec-based company BKIND has the perfect shampoo bars for you. Rubbing these bars made with all natural ingredients together with water will create a nice, thick foam that cleans your hair and scalp deeply while also imbuing them with the fresh scent of orange and eucalyptus. No matter what kind of hair you have, these bars will work for you. BKIND bars contain no SLS, no silicone, and no other kind of ingredients that can end up negatively affecting your hair or the environment around you.

7 – BONUS: Wish & Give

We’ve got one extra gift idea to help you find the perfect thing for your child’s French Immersion teacher this holiday season. Wish & Give assists in arranging a group gift to a teacher and a donation to charity, all from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is ask a teacher which charity they’d like to support (or choose one for them) and create an invitation here! It can be a one stop shop for giving back to Canadian charities that needs us now more than ever, while also wishing your French Immersion teacher happy holidays.


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