How To Stop Using Plastic With These Four Useful Canadian Products

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In this day and age, being sustainable and caring about the environment has finally become “hip” and “cool,” and it’s about time! Considering how your lifestyle affects the natural environment around you is important! 

Those considerations will often lead you to adopt the idea that humans need to reduce their dependence on plastic and come up with efficient and practical sustainable solutions. We tend to agree with that notion, which is why we try to incorporate sustainability into our programs as much as we can whether it be our French day camps, overnight camps, or our awesome virtual French programs!

We’re not the only ones looking to be sustainable and help the environment, though. There are dozens of Canadian companies that have and continue to do great work in reducing our collective plastic footprint on the world. 

In this blog, we’ll be shining a light on four amazing Canadian companies whose products do the good work of reducing the usage of plastic. All four of our spotlighted companies create ingenious and useful products that the everyday person would surely love to have. And we’re not just saying that we use these products in our house on a daily basis! Not only do these products help you greatly reduce your plastic consumption, but they make it easy and convenient for you to do so!

hope podzHope Podz by We Are Planet Hope

This awesome Toronto-based company is built around one goal: reducing our plastic usage! Founded by young graduates and entrepreneurs Matthew Hope and Priya Dufton, We Are Planet Hope’s main product is their HopePodz.

HopePodz are a resourceful and practical way to reduce your plastic usage by limiting how many bottles of cleaning chemicals you buy. Not only does this help to reduce the amount of plastic cleaning bottles ending up in landfills, but also limits how much of these sometimes harmful cleaning chemicals need to be produced. 

Using these neat little pods is as easy as it gets too. First, give your used spray bottle a rinse, then drop a pod in and fill it with tap water. Allow the pod a minute or two to dissolve before putting the sprayer back on the bottle and giving it a little mix. After that, you’re ready to get cleaning!

HopePodz come in compact, biodegradable packs of three that go for $13.99 with a subscription and $19.99 without one. You can get the classic trio-pack that includes one glass, one bathroom, and one multi-surface cleaning pod, or the disinfectant kit, which comes with one disinfectant pod and two multi-surface cleaning podz. 

Each pod is capable of giving you the equivalent of a 32oz spray bottle of cleaning product, which also means you’re saving money while helping the environment! 

Check out their website for more info!

dalciniFood Containers by Dalcini Stainless

All products produced by Stainless Dalcini are built with safe, simple, and sustainable living in mind. That’s why their beautiful stainless steel containers are made to be exceedingly durable, safe, and low-maintenance.

Dalcini Stainless was founded by former pharmaceutical science and everyday mother, Nita Tandon in 2009. Tandon and her new company positioned themselves to replace all of the terrible BPA-filled containers that parents were sending their kids to school with every day. 

Nita also wanted a less cluttered storage drawer, and containers that were easy to use, clean, and store. To find a solution to those problems, Nita created Dalcini Stainless food containers. These containers look sleek, they’re good and safe for anyone to use, and they’re good for the environment.

Made with top-quality food grade stainless steel, the glistening shine and the smart design makes these very easy to get clean. No annoying corners or lips that create old food buildup, and no chemical resins or paints to think about. All of this makes Dalcini products dishwasher-safe, not to mention they come with a lifetime warranty against warping, staining, and odours.

From sporks, condiment containers, and soap dishes for under $20, to the all encompassing 10-piece kids lunch starter set for $149.99, Dalcini has a long line of beautiful, durable, and responsible products to choose from.

Check out their website for more info!

Laundry Eco-Strips by Tru Earth

Tru Earth is a company based out of Vancouver in British Columbia that was created to make sustainable packaging convenient for everyone! Their laundry eco-strips are one of the more impressive innovations in creating sustainable alternatives to already established industries.

These strips are small, pre-measured, liquidless, and dissolvable so you never have to worry about any messes, measuring, or throwing out plastic bottles that end up in landfills. 

These will also work in both regular washing machines and high-efficiency (HE) as well thanks to its low-sudsing formula. Simply take the strip out of the box, toss it in the laundry machine, add clothes, and you’re ready to go!

Not only do they work great, removing stains and maintaining vibrant colours, but these strips ensure that their products are completely safe. Their site lists a bevy of certifications for their products such as paraben-free as well as the fact that they’re 100% vegan, which means no animal-based ingredients or testing done on animals was involved in the process.

Tru Earth also uses lightweight packaging that includes zero plastic, two components which have helped these strips reduce the consumption of fuel to transport the products and global-warming emissions by 94% when compared to the leading powder and liquid detergent brands. 

The packaging is so smart and compact that you can actually fit a whopping 400 loads worth of eco-strips in the same space as one 100-load jug of regular detergent. Based on the compact and eco-friendly packaging and product itself, at Tru Earth, they’ve calculated that if everyone switched to eco-strips, we would eliminate one billion plastic jugs (700 million of which would’ve ended up in landfills) and save an amount of truck fuel and CO2 that’s equal to taking 27 million cars off the road for a full day or planting nine million trees. The advantages are clear!

Check out their website for more info!

abeegoBeeswax Food Wraps by Abeego

Our fourth and final Canadian company is Abeego, whose beeswax food wraps are another creative and inventive way to help us reduce our dependence on plastic, especially in the kitchen! 

Using beeswax products is a great way to foster a healthier relationship between you and your foods! Abeego’s wraps are made with a unique formula of beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil which is then infused into a cloth made of hemp and organic cotton.

These beeswax wraps are self-adhesive and can take any shape you need, which makes them very versatile and like a handshake, the firmer the better. They can be easily washed with cold water and a gentle cloth, though the less washing the better.

When taken care of properly these Abeego wraps should last you a year or even longer, which means you’ll be using them dozens of times before they need to be replaced. You can tell a wrap is starting to fade when it starts to look a bit worn and sticks less consistently than it once did. Replace the used one with a new Abeego wrap, and, thanks to its biodegradable and compostable nature, you can take the old one and use it as a fire starter! 

These beeswax wraps help the environment in innumerable ways. First of all, by saving your food with these Abeego wraps, you’re also saving the honey bees, who were instrumental in supplying us with that food. These products are all-natural, which means everything used to make them came from the earth, and will return to it without issue.

Abeego has also been dedicated to a zero-waste approach, even using leftover material to make twist ties and fire starters. Abeego ensures that their products are built to last because of how valuable beeswax is. Abeego assures that you’ll be adding a new wrap to your drawer before replacing any worn ones. 

Check out their website for more info!


Have you already checked these products out? Do you have some thoughts of your own about sustainability that you’d like to voice? Are we missing any great eco-friendly and sustainable products that could help reduce our reliance on plastic? If so, let us know in the comments or through our social media channels!

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