Program cancelled for 2023.

We organize French Overnight School Trips In Ontario for Francophone, French immersion and Core French schools.

If you’ve been looking for a fun and practical way to help your class accelerate their French language skills, launch the new school year with a leadership and team building trip, or have one last hourrah before the end of the school year, – then our Overnight French School Trips in Ontario might be the answer you’ve been searching for.   

We believe the keys to language success are real conversation and practical application of language skills. That’s why we organize educational French School Tours for French Immersion, Core French and Francophone classrooms throughout Ontario. Our customized French School Trips give French-learning students the unique opportunity to have fun practicing French while also learning invaluable team building and leadership skills, and enjoying active living. Depending what subjects, curriculum strands, or learning skills you’re interested in reinforcing, we can create activities tailored to your class’ overnight trip.


We offer school trips in May, June  and September for a duration of 3 to 5 days.

Customized trips can be organized for a minimum of 20 students in grades 5 to grade 12 accompanied by school chaperones and Camp Tournesol counselors.


  • Specific activities can be added or removed based on your school board’s policy. Waterfront activities, for example, are completely optional.
  • All our partners’ facilities including archery and high ropes or climbing walls meet with the OPHEA guidelines.
  • All of our staff submit Vulnerable Sector Screening and are trained to administer CPR and first aid including EpiPen.

French School Trip Destinations

These Ontario overnight experiences are offered at our partner host camp sites, including the breathtaking countryside of Schomberg, and at a pristine private lake in Muskoka. Take a look at our camp host in Bracebridge here.

All activities during our French School Trip will be entirely coordinated by Camp Tournesol’s experienced French-speaking counselors who we have chosen year after year for their attention and dedication to our campers. From our 8 AM start time through to bedtime at 10 PM, our staff will be on duty. School chaperones are also asked to be onsite at all times to support their students’ individual needs.


Your students will live an unforgettable experience while growing in so many ways via our varied and customized activities. The exact daily schedule is very flexible and can be modified and adapted to your needs. Click here to see what a sample schedule might look like for your group.

Campers will enjoy the full retreat experience with their days packed with fun activities like rock wall climbing, high ropes, basketball, tennis, soccer, Quidditch, Omnivores and Carnivores challenge, running pictionary, and more. Beyond our fun camp games, campers will also get to go canoeing and kayaking among many other active outdoor activities, all designed to target team building, leadership, a love of the outdoors, and active living. And of course, all activities are delivered in French by our dynamic counselors.

In the evening, campers will be treated to French and Quebecois folktales as well as “chansons-à-répondre” and traditional folklore songs around the campfires while roasting marshmallows. Why not ask us for the lyrics to a few songs in advance – students’ excitement will grow as they learn the lyrics in class, and they’ll be thrilled to see the song in action around a bonfire!

At the end of the trip, you can expect your students to have greater confidence in using their French verbal skills, an enriched vocabulary, and strengthened friendships.

Take a look at a this video to see a sample of the activities that we can organise for your students.

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