School Workshops in French

Camp Tournesol offers French workshops for French immersion and French schools, where our expertise in promoting French verbal skills is front and center!

French workshops with CampT

Target audience: We are flexible and can run programs entirely in French or bilingually with English components for Core French!

Our French workshops are available virtually and in-person (if possible). We offer French workshops for all age groups and they are developed to connect with the Ontario Curriculum as well as provide cultural component to qualify for the French cultural grant available from the Ministry.

Virtual French School Workshops:

Our Virtual French School Workshops are for a maximum of 25 students with 2 instructors. For the younger age group, we include a handout with French keywords and French sentences related to the topic discussed to help them prepare and engage during the school workshop.

Each school workshop is two-hours long, and is built to be offered as stand alone for two-hours, or complemented with a part 2 workshop of an additional two-hours on the same topic and scheduled anytime after part 1.  

We are pleased to offer schools a wide variety of virtual French workshops available for students in French immersion and Core French from grade 1-12. 

Virtual French Workshops For Grade 1-3

We have several engaging French school workshops for our grade 1-3 students that cover a variety of topics with a variety of activities to evoke their imagination and creativity and learn about various Francophone traditions and cultures among other exciting topics. Examples include, Francophone Music, Mythical Creatures and The Story of St-Valentino.

Virtual French Workshops For Grade 4-6

For students grade 4-6 we have French school workshops that will lead students in in-depth discussions and focus on their critical thinking as they learn about subjects such as comic books, ancient civilization, Canadian Heros and so much more. 

Virtual French Workshops For Grade 7-12

For our older students grade 7-12, we have French school workshops with subjects to help them plan for their future, as we can take a look at important topics such as money management, mental wellness and developing a passion. Other specialities include Leadership and encourage Zero-Waste.

In -Person French School Workshops

Our in-person French school workshops are currently not available due to the current regulations surrounding the pandemic. However when in-person programming can resume, we offer engaging in-person school workshops such as Team-Building and Leadership, Jump Start Your Recess, Low-Tech STEM and Eco-Explores. These French workshops can be run inside the school or outside on the school grounds, where our staff can remain socially-distanced. These school workshops are designed to get students, moving, thinking and working together, all while practicing their French. 

Our two-hour French school workshop can accommodate up to 50 students.  Our STEM and Jump Start your Recess French workshops are available to grades 4-8.  Our Team Building, and Eco-Explorer French workshops are available to grades 4 to 12. We provide French school workshops for either French immersion or Core French classes.

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Connect with our team of specialists and inquire about our programs by clicking on the link below. Our team would love to share their passion for French with your class!

French School Workshop Promotion

How do we motivate Core French students to immerse themselves in French?

We’re excited you want to take French learning to the next level with this workshop! By bringing in authentic French speakers other than the teachers they’re used to, students gain exposure to new accents, ways of speaking, and understand that French is a living language. Our staff are familiar with the language level of Core French students at all grades (per the CEFR suggested grade levels), and will ensure to match that level when leading activities and working with small groups. Knowing their level will also help staff prompt students to express their thinking when they work in their groups. Our highly-trained staff use positive reinforcement and selective language correction to support students in constructing their thoughts, and will follow the lead of your teachers throughout the entire workshop to make sure students are pushed to communicate as much as they can in French!

Does this sound like something that would be of interest for your school?  Do you have dates in mind?