FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

If you cannot find the information you need, or would like to know more, please email info@campt.ca or call our office at 905-891-1889 or toll free at 1-888-892-1889.

At Camp Tournesol, we want all children to have fun and have an opportunity to learn. In order to achieve that, it is important that each camper conduct himself or herself in a respectful and appropriate way. Parents and Campers should review our guidelines together and ensure that your child understand them. Our code of conduct is based on the following 3 principles:

  • Don’t physically endanger anybody.
  • Don’t tease/put people down, even a little bit.
  • Don’t do anything illegal, or that would horrify your parents.

More specifically at Camp Tournesol safe, respectful, and appropriate behavior does NOT include:

  • Leaving an area without permission AND without a counselor or a buddy for children under 6 years old.
  • Standing on tables or chairs.
  • Climbing trees or breaking branches.
  • Carrying or throwing sticks, stones or sand.
  • Being disrespectful to counselors or other campers.
  • Disregarding counselor’s instructions.
  • Water fights or throwing water.
  • Hitting, kicking, biting, wrestling moves or violence.
  • Swearing or explicit and violent language.
  • Stealing.
  • Consistent use of English / no efforts made to use French (for the French campers)
  • Putting arms or heads out of the bus window as well as standing or kneeling on the bus.

Here are the behaviors that ARE acceptable:

  • Making efforts to express yourself in French all day while trying to use English as rarely as possible.
  • Obtaining permission prior to leaving an area where your group is.
  • Always using proper language (no swear words or violent words).
  • Following instructions as given by counselors.
  • Be respectful towards all the counselors and your peers.

Any person found violating this code will be dealt with according to the following procedure:

  • Warning / discussion by their lead counselor and appropriate consequences depending on the gravity of the behavior (sitting out an activity etc.).
  • Meet with the Camp Coordinator and phone call to parent to identify a potentially successful strategy to improve the situation.
  • After consultation with the Camp Director, parent will be asked to pick up their child from the camp for that day and discuss the issue with their child.
  • Note that there is a possibility that the child will be asked not to accompany us during our field trip on Thursdays if we feel that his behavior precludes us from ensuring his safety and that of the other campers.
  • Expulsion from the camp.

All of our campuses are schools and the majority are not equipped with air conditioning. We do our best to keep your children comfortable but if this is a concern, you may prefer to keep your child at home for that day. Each campus is equipped with large fans that are placed in the gymnasium and certain classrooms.

In case of extreme heat, we will follow the following procedure based on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations.

Extreme Heat: Defined as a day where the temperature outdoors rises above 32 degrees Celsius.

In the case of a day with extreme heat:

  • The outdoor periods will be reduced to a maximum of 40 minutes in length and only once in the morning and afternoon.
  • Before going outside, all campers will be reminded to re-apply their sunscreen, and to drink lots of water. They can also bring their water bottles outside with them.
  • The outdoor activities will not involve lots of physical activity and will most likely take place in the shade (if possible) to avoid unnecessary heat exposure.
  • All recesses and meals will take place inside and the gym and/or hallways will be used for recess activities.
  • Where possible we will incorporate games with water, such as sponges etc…to refresh the children.

40 degrees weather: If the weather exceeds 40 degrees Celsius:

  • The campus coordinator will locate fans available at the school and place them in the gym to circulate cold air for the campers.
  • Reduce the outdoor activities to only ONE 40 minute period in the morning.
  • Can only go outside for a 5 minutes recess if there is shade available for everyone.
  • It is the responsibility of the camp counselors to assure that all campers are following the rules.
  • Modify the camp Schedule to cut out any excessive physical activity.
  • Continuously remind campers to DRINK WATER.
  • Our French Awards: Our French tattoos are awarded daily to campers who made efforts in French.
  • Our Badge System: There are 3 different French badges to be won during the week! You can read about our famous Badge system to see how impactful it is!

Speak French, it pays!

Parents regularly ask if we will provide close supervision for children with allergies or other medical issues.

Of course! Every camper’s safety is our utmost concern.

All of our staff are trained for first aid, CPR, and administering an EpiPen. In addition, we have 2 qualified teachers onsite who provide support and supervision at each campus.

Do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with our staff at the office or onsite. In all cases, we count on parents to partner with us to make safety a priority. Help us with this process by providing as much details as possible when completing the medical forms!

Should your child be bringing any medication to camp, please let us know by completing this medication form and discussing it with your child’s counselor on the first day of camp.

Camp Tournesol Espoir’s raison d’être is to provide an opportunity for children in French immersion or francophone schools who could not otherwise attend a week at Camp Tournesol.

Each year, Camp Tournesol is happy to welcome children recommended by their principal free of charge to our camps. Only one week per camper will be awarded to accommodate as many families as possible. As the demand has grown, we have formalized the process so that children from every school and every school board have a chance to be considered to take advantage of this opportunity.

Each year, we open spots for up to 4 % of our capacity. Each year we estimate to be able to accept up to 75 campers.

If you know of a student that should be considered, submit our application form prior to May 10th for consideration. Please note that only applications submitted by principals will be considered; each principal will be contacted to follow-up with the application as it is received.

Here is what previous families have said:

“I just wanted to thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to attend the camp. It was a great experience for her.” Ana

“I just want to thank you, my children were very happy at the camp as they rarely get a chance to participate in outside activities as we are new to Canada. This opportunity is very much appreciated.” Jeanne

Our locations for our French summer camps are usually confirmed by early to late April by the school boards which is standard practice.

We typically screen the locations we post so we know there is a high likelihood of securing the permit. In the event where the school boards are unable to rent that particular school due to renovations, we are usually moved to a school nearby or if it is a greater distance, we would put a shuttle bus at that location. If there is a re-location and the new location is inconvenient to the parents registered, we offer a full refund.

We usually recommend to not wait for confirmation to register as our programs will close once they are full which may occur before we have a confirmation. Or in the case of a new location, if we receive insufficient registrations by mid-April, the location may be cancelled.

Come and splash with us at our French Camps!

In all of our French Camps throughout the GTA, we take campers on a fun-filled splash pad adventure every Thursday.

These highly-anticipated “water days” at our French summer camps, are packed with a nature hike, nature interpretation, fun on the playground, splashing around on the splash pad, camp games, sports (soccer, frisbees etc.), and lunch on site.

We encourage your child to bring a “litterless” lunch on water day. Because these are all outdoor programs; please make sure to pack the following:

  • a water bottle to refill,
  • change of clothes / wear bathing suit
  • a towel
  • a litterless lunch,
  • sunscreen,
  • good walking shoes

We will go rain or shine. In case of severe weather conditions, the water day will be canceled and cannot be rescheduled. In all cases, the children will have access to a small beach type pool, a wading pool or splash pad. More details will be included in the parent handbook that is sent out in late May. Unfortunately, parent volunteers are not accepted on these trips.

The water day destinations are different each week and for each campus. To find out the exciting Splash Pad destination for your local campus, visit the location page.

Camp Tournesol reserves the right to change the water day destinations at any time without notice.

All of our overnight trips are supervised by an experienced teacher who acts as “Chef de mission”. She or he is assisted by experienced Tournesol counselors of both genders. Their goal is to encourage your child to speak French in a fun and safe environment. As for all Tournesol French camps, all counselors must submit a police background check and be trained for CPR and first aid. Campers are in gender-specific rooms. Counselors are in rooms adjacent to the campers or in the same cabin depending on the cabin’s configuration.

In mid-May, campers will receive a package which includes a detailed itinerary, address of accommodation, and a list of things to bring. Any further questions can be directed to us once you have reviewed the package.

Here are links to forms we sometimes require for campers.

Medication form (If you would like counsellors to administer medication for your child.)

EpiPen form (For any child bringing an EpiPen to campus.)

Waiver for un-immunized children

(Required if your child is not fully immunized. Signatures of both parents are REQUIRED to ensure all parties are in agreement.)