6 Fun Bird Feeders To Make With Your Kids

The holiday season has passed once again (sigh) but we’ve got a great idea to keep you and your children’s spirits up: awesome do-it-yourself bird feeders! The best time to put bird feeders out is when the birdies need them most, and that time of year is always during the middle to late winter months, because the extreme weather during this time reduces the natural seed sources for our flying friends.

If this type of do-it-yourself, homemade arts and crafts activity sounds like something you and your children would enjoy doing together, read on to check out some of the most fun yet simple DIY bird feeder ideas that kids will have no problem doing. And you know since we’re Camp Tournesol we’re not only going to find you some great DIY projects, but also the best options that are recycling, reusing or upcycling their bird feeder materials. The whole idea of a bird feeder is to help the natural world, so why not do it wholeheartedly!

Below are six of the best, most fun-looking DIY bird feeder projects using upcycled materials to help give you some ideas and get you started, but certainly don’t be afraid to get creative and make your bird feeder your own way! And if you do go out on your own, we’d love to see what you come up with, so be sure to share it with us on our socials!

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1. Stale Bread Bird Feeder – CBC Parents

Found through TheSawGuy.com, this idea from CBC Parents is a great way to create a bird feeder while using just three simple ingredients! We’ve all let bread go stale from time to time, it’s no crime, but it should be a crime to waste that stale bread with this great DIY use for it lying around! Leave your stale slices of bread out to dry completely, then thread any kind of wire, tie, or string through the top of the slice, but be sure to allow enough bread above the tie so it doesn’t pull through. Next, you lather any kind of nut butter (peanut, almond, or whatever tickles your fancy) on both sides of the bread. Finally, drop your buttered up slice of bread into a shallow dish of birdseed on both sides, and you’re all set to find the perfect branch to hang your little gourmet bird feeder. Birds are known to be big fans of protein-packed peanut butter and can eat any kind that humans do as well! Not to mention that the birds can eat the whole feeder, so there’s no need for annoying bird feeder upkeep!

bird feeder

2. Lego Bird Feeder – Wild About Here

Also found through TheSawGuy.com is this awesomely unique and original idea to reuse Lego block toys from Wild About Here. With this idea, you can simply gather a heap of those assorted or miscellaneous Lego blocks taking up space in your house and put them to good use, not to mention it offers a great opportunity for your kids to have fun and let their creativity shine. Because Lego is so versatile, the options and possibilities here go pretty much as far as your children’s imagination will go. You could make a small little table with different sections for seed and water, or go big and make a big castle that several of our winged friends can use. Cleaning this kind of bird feeder on a regular basis is essential, however, to help prevent the spread of diseases among your feathered visitors.

bird feeder

3. Homemade Citrus Bird Feeders – By Stephanie Lynn

Here we have one of our more elegant options, but don’t let that elegance make you think this isn’t also a very simple DIY bird feeder made from upcycled materials as well! We found this idea through lifestyle guru By Stephanie Lynn, and we’ve been in love with it ever since! Start by cutting off the top of your citrus fruit—oranges are most common but clementines and mandarins are great if you’re doing this craft with your children because the smaller fruits fit well into their small hands—and peel the top of the rind. Next, remove all of the fruit from inside the rind, don’t waste it though, it’s still good! At this point, you’ll want to find yourself a sewing needle or something small and sharp so you can pierce holes on each side of the rind through which you can thread some string or whatever material you want to use to hang your bird feeders. After that, all there is to do is fill the rind up with your birdseed of choice and hang them up wherever you fancy. The pop of orange is sure to give whatever tree or plant it’s hanging a much more fun and vibrant look!

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4. Toilet Roll Bird Feeder – PlayFromScratch

Yet another lovely DIY bird feeder project that makes great use of upcycled materials! We found this project from Tumblr user PlayFromScratch through the Natural Living Ideas website, and though the photo may seem complicated, the one you make with your children can be much simpler. Similar to our stale bread project above, this DIY project consists of spreading some peanut butter (or another type of butter) on your toilet rolls (which would usually be thrown out in the trash or recycling) and then roll them in a shallow plate of birdseed. Stick some string through either side and you have a nice, simple bird feeder that your children can help with and that requires zero upkeep until the birdies are all finished!

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5. Mason Jar Bird Feeder – Little House Living

Another clever idea we found on Natural Living Ideas was this rustic take on a simple DIY bird feeder. This project from Little House Living requires only three materials: twine, mason jar, and a small round chicken feeder. You’ll have to go out and find yourself a chicken feeder because chances are you don’t have one (or maybe you do, and if so, kudos to you!), but the rest you should have ready to go around the house! All you have to do is tie the twine around the top of the open mason jar (which will become the bottom), fill it up with birdseed, and fasten the jar upside down into the top of the chicken feeder to allow the feed begin to pour into the feeder. Now you’ve got a great, homespun piece for your yard which you can hang on any plant or tree to attract some of our beloved flying pals. If you don’t want to hang it, however, you can simply stand it somewhere or secure it to a post in your yard!

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6. Egg Carton Bird Feeder – The Creative Cubby

Our sixth and final DIY, eco-friendly bird feeder project idea for you and your children to do together comes courtesy of Creative Cubby, which we found through the Heart Handmade website. This bird feeder is one of the simpler projects on our list, so children of all ages will surely understand the steps and have fun working with you to create it! All you’ll need here is one or two empty egg cartons, some scissors, and some thread or string. First, cut the top off of the egg carton, then poke small holes in the four corners so you can thread your string or thread through, then fill it up with birdseed and voila, it’s ready to be hung from your favourite branch to attract some birdie buddies for you and your children!


Once again, these are just suggestions, so if you went off on your own and made a unique DIY bird feeder with your children, share the experience with us on our socials, or comments below, we’d love to hear it!


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